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2007-06-08: Second Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries

The 2nd International Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries will be held in Budapest (Hungary) on 20 Septemeber 2007, in conjunction with the 11th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2007).
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January 24-25, 2008 - Padova, Italy

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MM4U – A Component Framework for Personalized Multimedia Applications


Contact Point:

Dipl.-Inform. Jochen Meyer ( ), Tel. +49 441 9722-185

OFFIS, Germany

Technical Contact Point:

Dipl.-Inform. Ansgar Scherp ( )

Type of Software:


Descriptive Keywords:

Multimedia Authoring, Multimedia Content, Dynamic Generation of Personalized Multimedia Content and Adapted Multimedia Content, Hypermedia, Software Framework, Component Framework, Component Technology, Context, User Modeling; Personalization, Adaptation

Potential Use and Applications:

The MM4U component framework can be used for the development of personalized multimedia applications. Personalized multimedia applications means that these applications need to provide multimedia content according to the different needs, requirements, preferences etc. of their users.

General description:

The aim of the MM4U component framework is to provide application developers with an extensive and domain independent support for the authoring of personalized multimedia content. The framework provides generic functionality for typical tasks of the general process chain for creating personalized multimedia content. This includes selecting media elements such as audio, video, image, and text according to the user's individual profile and context information. These media elements are then assembled and composed in time and space using an abstract multimedia content representation model. This model captures the different aspects of the multimedia presentation such as the temporal course, the spatial layout, and the interaction possibilities without instantiating these in a concrete syntax and format. Only in the subsequent transformation phase -- called the last mile -- the multimedia content is transformed into a concrete multimedia presentation format, like SMIL, SVG, and Flash, and delivered to the targeted (mobile) end device.

Required User Skills:

Programming in Java.

Pre-Requisites for Installation:

Java Runtime Environment and a couple of freely available software libraries.

Conditions of Use:

Contact the authors.

Additional Information:

Scherp A. and Boll S. 2005. MM4U: a framework for creating personalized multimedia content. In U. Srinivasan and S. Nepal (eds.), Managing Multimedia Semantics. IRM Press. 246-287.
Scherp A. and Boll S. 2005. Context-driven smart authoring of multimedia content with xSMART. In Proceedings of the 13th Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia. ACM Press: New York. 802-803.
Scherp A. and Boll S. 2005. A lightweight process model and development methodology for component frameworks. In W. Weck, J. Bosch, R. Reussner and C. Szyperski (eds.), 10th International Workshop on Component-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2005). Glasgow (UK), July 2005.
Scherp A. and Boll S. 2005. Paving the last mile for multi-channel multimedia presentation generation. In: Y.-P. Phoebe Chen (ed.), Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling (MMM 2005). Melbourne (Australia). Washington: IEEE Computer Society. 190-197.
Scherp A. and Boll S. 2004. Generic support for personalized mobile multimedia tourist applications. In Proceedings of the 12th ACM Int. Conf. on Multimedia, S. 178-179, New York, NY, USA, ACM, October, 2004. ISBN 1-58113-893-8
Boll S., Krösche J. and Scherp A. 2004. Personalized mobile multimedia meets location-based services. In P. Dadam and M. Reichert (eds.), Multimedia-Informationssysteme Workshop of the 34th Annual Meeting of the Germany Society for Computing Science. Ulm (Germany),  September 2004. Lecture Notes in Informatics 51. Bonn: GI. Vol. 2: 64-69.
Scherp A. and Boll S. 2004. MobileMM4 – framework support for dynamic personalized multimedia content on mobile systems. In C. Branki, J. F. Hampe, R. Helfrich, K. Kurbel, G. Schwabe, F. Teuteberg, S. Uellner, R. Unland und G. Wanner (eds.), Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik. Duisburg (Germany), March 2004. Vol. 3:. 204-215.


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