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2007-12-03: DELOS Association established
The DELOS Association for Digital Libraries has been established in order to keep the "DELOS spirit" alive by promoting research activities in the field of digital libraries.
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2007-06-08: Second Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries

The 2nd International Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries will be held in Budapest (Hungary) on 20 Septemeber 2007, in conjunction with the 11th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2007).
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January 24-25, 2008 - Padova, Italy

4th Italian Research Conference on Digital Library Systems
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December 5-7, 2007 - Pisa, Italy

Second DELOS Conference on Digital Libraries
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Contact Point:

Giuseppe Amato ( )

ISTI – CNR, Italy

Technical Contact Point:

Giuseppe Amato ( ) and Paolo Bolettieri ( )

Type of software:


Descriptive Keywords:

Multimedia Content Management, Native XML database

Potential Use and Applications:

Multimedia document intensive applications

General description:

MILOS is a multimedia content management system with special functionalities for multimedia document intensive applications. It offers functionalities for multimedia document management, arbitrary metadata management and retrieval, metadata mapping. Documents and metadata can be retrieved by combining standard search paradigms with similarity search paradigms. Applications can be easily built on top of MILSO by using a well defined API based on WebService technology.

More info on: http://milos.isti.cnr.it and http://milos.isti.cnr.it/milos/album/

Technical Description:

The MILOS MCMS has been developed by using the Web Service technology. MILOS is composed of three main components: the XML Search Engine (XMLSE) component, the Multi Media Server (MMS) component, and the MultiMedia Digital Library service (MMDLS) component. All these components are implemented as Web Services and interact by using SOAP. The XMLSE manages the metadata of the DL. It relies on our technology for native XML databases, and offers the functionality illustrated at point 2) above. The MMS manages the multimedia documents used by the DL applications. MMS offers the functionality of point 1) above. The MMDLS implements the service logic of the repository providing developers of DL applications with a uniform and integrated way of accessing MMS and XMLSE. In addition, it supports the mapping of different metadata schemas as described at point 3) above. All these components were built choosing solutions able to guarantee the requirements of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, as discussed in the next sections.

More info on: http://milos.isti.cnr.it and http://milos.isti.cnr.it/milos/album/

Required User Skills:

System Administration, Web Service programming, Java Programming

Pre-Requisites for Installation:

Intel based computers with Windows 2000 or XP

Conditions of Use:

BSD License + separate licenses for third party components.


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