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2007-12-03: DELOS Association established
The DELOS Association for Digital Libraries has been established in order to keep the "DELOS spirit" alive by promoting research activities in the field of digital libraries.
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2007-06-08: Second Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries

The 2nd International Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries will be held in Budapest (Hungary) on 20 Septemeber 2007, in conjunction with the 11th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2007).
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DL Events
January 24-25, 2008 - Padova, Italy

4th Italian Research Conference on Digital Library Systems
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December 5-7, 2007 - Pisa, Italy

Second DELOS Conference on Digital Libraries
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To the best of our knowledge this is a list of journals relevant to Digital Libraries. If you think we should add other references, please contact us.

  • Ariadne magazine
    This magazine is targeted principally at information science professionals in academia, and also to interested lay people. Its main geographic focus is the UK, but it is widely read in the US and worldwide. The main goal of the magazine is to report on information service developments and information networking issues worldwide, keeping the busy practitioner abreast of current digital library initiatives.
  • D-lib Magazine (Digital Library Magazine)
    D-Lib Magazine is a solely electronic publication with a primary focus on digital library research and development, including but not limited to new technologies, applications, and contextual social and economic issues.
  • JASIST - Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
    This journal serves as a forum for new research in information transfer and communication processes in general, and in the context of recorded knowledge in particular. Concerns include the generation, recording, distribution, storage, representation, retrieval, and dissemination of information, as well as its social impact and management of information agencies. There is a strong emphasis on new information technologies and methodologies in text analysis, computer based retrieval systems, measures of effectiveness, and the search for patterns and regularities in measures of existing communication systems.
  • Journal of Digital Information (JoDI)
    JoDI is a peer-reviewed electronic journal about the management, presentation and uses of information in digital environments. It is also covering research, technical, design and practical issues. The journal is aimed at researchers, developers and teachers, mainly but not only in technical disciplines, also technical librarians and publishers.
  • International Journal of Digital Libraries
    The International Journal on Digital Libraries is a quarterly journal aimed at advancing the theory and practice of acquisition, definition, organization, management, and dissemination of digital information via global networking. It emphasizes issues in digital information production, management, and use; high-speed networks and connectivity; interoperability and seamless integration of information, people, profiles, tasks, and needs; security and privacy of individuals and business transactions; and effective business processes.
  • Journal of Electronic Publishing
    The Journal of Electronic Publishing is for the publisher, librarian, scholar, or author facing the challenges of electronic publishing. It aims at ranging widely in its coverage, but the emphasis is on the broader issues that should shape policy, and on professional, scientific or academic publishing, both books and journals.
  • Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web
    The Journal of Web Semantics approaches scientific publishing from a different angle, demands more than just the production and printing of papers, but also the distribution of ontologies and running code. It tries to facilitate the development of the Semantic Web by publishing ontologies as well as open-source code - in addition to classical papers and research letters - enabling others to build upon this work.
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